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Why Kids Should Be Photographers

My son Walter is three and a half, and he has enjoyed taking pictures for a while. Maybe it will turn into an enduring interest, or maybe he just sees me with my DSLR and wants to do what Mom is doing. Either way, I plan to encourage his interest in photography as long as it lasts. I’m obviously biased, but I believe photography is an excellent hobby for anyone—especially for kids!

Creative exploration

Being creative doesn’t just mean making art. Kids think creatively anytime they consider possibilities and put their imaginative ideas into practice. Just like playing music, building with blocks, cooking, or playing outside, photography is a creative activity. Creative exploration helps kids with their confidence, problem-solving, emotional and mental health, and self-esteem. Creativity and self-expression are beneficial for everyone, not just kids, so encouraging children to enjoy creative activities from a young age sets them up for success later in life. Putting a camera in their little hands is a great way to do that!

Active and outdoors

While it doesn’t really involve physical exertion, taking pictures does require walking around outside (or at least getting off the couch.) It’s a great activity that lets your kids use a cool gadget even when screen time is over. A camera is a great incentive to go outside and explore. 

A hobby for life

There is so much to learn about photography. Your kids can keep pursuing this interest for the rest of their lives if they want to, and always find something new to experiment with. Of course, this is true for things like sports and music, too. But with photography, there are no team try-outs or ensemble auditions—no one is cut from exploring photography. Anyone can do it, as much or as little as they want, in whatever way they want.

Other bonuses

It’s not messy. It won’t add clutter to your house, no matter how many pictures your kids take. If your kids are using a digital camera, there are no ongoing expenses. It’s a quiet, independent activity with just the right amount of structure. Young kids won’t make any masterpieces with their cameras, especially not at first, but it is really neat to see what they decide to photograph. Seeing the pictures your kids take is like seeing the world through their eyes.

Do kids need their own cameras?

If your kids want to try photography, they’ll obviously need something to take pictures with. But you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy your kid a new camera. A phone works great—either yours, or an old one. An old point-and-shoot camera is another great option. Whether or not to get your child their own camera depends on your own preference, your goals, your child’s age, and their level of interest in photography. My husband and I decided to get Walter his own camera for Christmas. Unfortunately, that one stopped working after just four months of use, so Walter recently got an upgrade.

I’ve done lots of research about cameras for kids, so I’ve gathered plenty of information. I came up with this blog series to share my personal experience and the results of my research with you all.

The rest of this series explores different types of cameras you can look at when selecting one for your children. I’ll give you a few recommendations, as well as some benefits and drawbacks to each type. Follow along if you have a little aspiring photographer in your life!

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