Photography Highlights of 2023

Client Work

It is always such an honor when you choose me as your photographer. The best thing about this work is connecting with my subjects and creating images that show off their best selves. I leave every session excited to get the images onto my computer and really look through them. Seeing your favorite images shared on social media or hanging up in your house is my other favorite thing about being a photographer. It’s always fun to see which images are your favorites. I chose a few of my favorites from each session of 2023 to share here.


Early this year I decided to get back into film photography. I pulled out the old analog camera I used in my high school photography classes and gave myself a challenge: Take one photo each day until I used up a roll of film. It was a fun project, and I have the final images in a post on my personal blog. (See my film photography project here!) I got a new film camera this year, too. Overall I shot 8 rolls of film this year. It’s not much, but it’s 8 more rolls than I shot last year!

Personal Images

It’s hard to choose favorites when I look at the pictures I take of my kids. They’re all my favorites! (I’m sure other moms can relate.) I narrowed it down to just a few to share here. Besides taking pictures of the kids, I’ve been trying to show up in more pictures myself. I’ve used a tri-pod with a timer or remote. Recently I’ve also experimented with setting the camera up to automatically take pictures at intervals so I can capture more candid moments. This was especially nice on Christmas morning!

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