I'm the rare photographer who actually likes being in front of the camera as much as I like being behind it. As a kid I always loved seeing myself in the pictures my parents took once the film was developed and the prints came back. It wasn’t long before I wanted to take my own pictures.

I’m here to make sure you enjoy being in front of the camera, too. As an Enneagram 9, I'm naturally encouraging and easygoing. I'll help you feel comfortable in front of the camera and we'll make a genuine connection.

I offer a video chat “meet and greet” before the session so you won't feel like you're being photographed by a stranger. During the session you’ll never have to wonder what to do with your hands because I’ll be there to direct you every step of the way. You’ll have plenty of room to relax and be yourself, and I’ll be here to make sure you shine through in the final images.

I'm Dani, your friendly neighborhood portrait photographer



I love Coca-Cola and pepperoni pizza, the ocean, fresh air and summertime, relaxing in front of the TV, and I have way too many plants.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We have two young children, Walter and Phoebe. We also have two cats, Paisley and Oliver.

I have a B.A. in communications with minors in creative writing and digital photography.

True-to-life, natural light portraits for high school seniors and families in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Contact me for more information or to set up your session!

Dani Eberbach PhoToGRaphy


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