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I originally shared this post way back in 2016, and it was the most-viewed post on my old website. I’ve spruced it up just a bit. Fort Wayne has so much diverse scenery to offer, and I’m finding more and more excellent locations as the years go on. I pick these places because of their scenery, variety of posing options, the available light, or because I just like them.

Grand Wayne Center Lobby

I discovered this location when I was photographing Concordia High School’s 2014 graduation. After the ceremony, which took place in the Embassy Theatre, I took some shots of the new graduates as they gathered in the lobby of the Grand Wayne Center. The natural lighting from the lobby’s wide windows was fantastic. That’s what I love about this location. Plus, it’s indoors. It’s a location I can use even if it’s cold or windy or raining outside. The modern, spacious design makes it an ideal setting especially for headshots or formal portraits.

Female portrait seated in Grand Wayne Center

IPFW Campus

I first started using this location because it’s just minutes from my parents’ house, and it was easy to grab a sibling and practice some portraits. IPFW’s campus has a variety of scenery. There’s the bridge over the river, the weeping willow trees along the riverbanks, various patches of woods and trees, as well as parking garages and brick walls that can provide more urban settings. And it’s all gathered together on one convenient campus. That makes it easy to get a variety of looks without traveling all over town.

Outdoor senior portrait with willow tree near river at Purdue Fort Wayne
Family portrait on Venderly Bridge at PFW

Foster Park & Lakeside Rose Garden

I know this is technically two places, but they’re similar and I like different things about each of them. In Foster Park there are benches, flower bushes, little groves of trees, walls and walkways, and it’s also right along the river. It’s spacious and pretty well separated from the road, which reduces background distractions like cars or houses.

Female senior portrait on sidewalk at Foster Park

Lakeside Gardens isn’t as secluded, so background distractions tend to limit the angles I can use, and if I’m there on a Saturday chances are I’ll have to compete with a wedding party for the best locations. But this park does have some neat cement structures, pillars, and fences to use as props. Plus, the plants and flowers that grow in the summer add unique dimension to portraits.

Female senior portrait with pink flowers at Lakeside Park

These are three of my go-to places for shooting in Fort Wayne, but this is hardly an exhaustive list of all the great places I’ve found for taking portraits. Fort Wayne and its surrounding areas are full of diverse scenery. And I’m sure there are plenty more out there that I haven’t even discovered yet!

Are you looking for a photography for family or senior portraits? Send me a message to get in touch and I’ll respond with all the details about my sessions!

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